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The Chicago Tribune has a feature published on its website, dated December 6, 2013, that lists a number of housekeeping DIYs that can quickly turn too dangerous for homeowners to attempt. Indeed, many homeowners (particularly men) want to do their own upkeep and repairs; however some jobs are so dangerous it’s best to leave the work to a seasoned professional. The article cites roofing as one such challenging and hazardous project:

Roofing. Asphalt-based shingles are not hard to measure, cut, fit and nail. The problem for do-it-yourselfers is their location — especially when the roof is too high or the pitch is too steep to feel safe. In good weather and wearing nonslip sneaks, most DIYers feel OK one story off the ground but not two or more. Many feel fine when the roof is walkable but not when they need scaffolding or an OSHA-approved body harness with a safety rope tie-down. Those are for contractors, not DIYers. For most of us, the comfort limit is a pitch no greater than 5-in-12, which is a 23-degree angle..

Roofing jobs are certainly not for the faint of heart; the height alone can cause anxiety attacks in some people. However, roofing can’t be ignored either, so homeowners uncomfortable in doing roofing jobs on their own should leave the task to experienced contractors. A skilled Columbus roofer can capably repair or replace roofing while sparing householders from the risks of the job.

The primary danger in any roofing job is the fall; it doesn’t take a long fall to sufficiently break bones, or cause death from the resulting trauma. There are also many other dangers in repairing a roof, such as the intense heat from the sun, electrical hazards from exposed wiring, the risk of the roof caving in, and so on. However, there are also dangers in leaving a roof unrepaired and ill-maintained — this can lead to extensive water damage and poisonous mold growth, among other things.

For safety’s sake, homeowners are better off leaving roof repair in Columbus, Ohio to professional contractors like Ohio Exteriors. These roofers have the experience and the equipment necessary to completely and safely carry out any necessary repair work. When it comes to roofing, do as the article says: “Whatever the height and pitch, if you’re not comfortable there, don’t go there.”

(Article Excerpt and Image from Those uh-oh moments, Chicago Tribune, December 6, 2013)

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