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Many people like to dabble in home improvement, and engage in several DIY projects for their homes. While the activity can indeed be an engaging hobby, some homeowners risk making amateur mistakes, like employing the wrong tools or choosing the wrong materials for roofs. The latter is particularly important because, as renowned construction expert Bob Vila says, some roofing materials are better suited for certain architectural types and not for others.

For example, slate is widely considered to be one of the toughest and most reliable roofing materials around, but it is usually too heavy for a small house. Meanwhile, green roofs (i.e. roofs that make use of vegetative coverings) are lauded as energy-efficient and environment-friendly, but they require labor-intensive and complex construction processes. These factors may not be apparent from typical DIY resources, and can only be learned from consulting with the experts, such as Ohio Exteriors.

Roofing, in particular, is such an important part of the house and any mistake in its construction and maintenance can compromise the home’s protection. With this in mind, a homeowner in Columbus, Ohio would be well advised to consult with a reliable Columbus roofer, such as Ohio Exteriors, before proceeding with a roofing project.

The amount and scope of a roofing job is quite significant. A roofing system, after all, has several components, among them: the tiles/shingles, underlayment, trusses, flashings, and gutters. Each of these have specifications that should be strictly adhered to, and deviations can lead to roofing defects.

In addition to this, an established roofing contractor from Columbus, Ohio, like a professional from Ohio Exteriors, sees to it that the roof they build adheres to the state’s building codes. Ohio’s Board of Building Standards has a number of requirements for roofs (Chapter 4101:1-15) that cover everything from wind resistance, ventilation, to the right type of nail used for specific materials. Unlike amateur DIYers, licensed contractors have the necessary training and skills that enable them to strictly conform to these standards.

On top of all these arguments against a DIY roofing job, homeowners should remember the safety hazards that working on the roof can pose. Professional roofers have been trained to be aware of their safety at all times. In addition to this, they are equipped with the necessary safety materials that can minimize these risks. For reasons of safety, accuracy, and excellent workmanship, therefore, it would be best for homeowners to leave the roofing job to the professionals at Ohio Exteriors.

(Article Information and Image from Roofing Roundup: 7 of Today’s Most Popular Choices, Bob Vila, undated)

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