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A question and answer column on the Daily Herald news portal published last December 8, 2013 offers several solutions to readers experiencing housekeeping problems. The column largely deals with issues related to cold temperatures; a fitting theme, considering the current winter season. One of the issues raised by a reader revolves around foggy double paned window:

We have a passive solar house built in Shelburne, Vt., during the “first” energy crisis in the 1970s. It includes three large (49-by-70-inch) double-paned windows, directly facing south, of course. These are the original windows.

The middle of these three windows has streaks of fog inside, which I assume means there is no longer a complete seal and there is likely a pinhole or opening on the outside of the window letting air and humidity enter.

What are my options to correct this situation? Is there a solution short of complete window replacement?

A. Yes, the seal is broken, and it is not surprising considering the glass is about 40 years old. It can happen with age, vibrations or poor installation, etc.

Although this does not materially diminish the insulating value of the glass, it is unsightly and impairs the view. The only solution is to have the glass replaced.

Foggy windows can be a huge source of frustration for homeowners, though the problem illustrated above can also be a precursor to even bigger problems. A compromised window seal can potentially disrupt the energy efficiency of an entire home if not resolved immediately. Locals can have brand-new Columbus replacement windows fitted into their homes, with the help of contractors like Ohio Exteriors.

A faulty window seal will cause more than just fogging; it can lead to major heat loss as well. Such a drawback can be especially disadvantageous during the winter months, when households rely on furnaces to generate precious indoor heat. When warmed air seeps out of these seals, homeowners tend to crank up their furnaces to keep the right indoor temperatures, resulting in higher energy consumption.

Normally, window seals can be easily replaced without taking out much of the structure. However, older windows, particularly those more than 15 years old, will typically require a full replacement, as the entire fixture would most likely be too worn to be of any use (or reuse, for that matter). Householders should consider acquiring new replacement windows in Columbus, Ohio to substitute for aging and inefficient ones.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Moisture within double-paned window inhibits the view, Daily Herald, December 8, 2013)

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