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The HomeDoctor website has a feature that extolls the ease of maintaining fiber cement siding. Fiber cement, formed from a mixture of wood fiber and cement, is both sturdy and resilient. In fact, it’s so resilient that homeowners can simply use a power washer to scrub clean their siding:

“There are several things to keep in mind as you clean your fiber cement siding. Generally, fiber cement siding is most easily cleaned using a power washer. A hose can work, but the pressure is often not enough to get rid of any resistant dirt, mildew, or mold. Also, you should clean your fiber cement siding annually to keep the dirt and mildew from building up.”

Fiber cement is an extremely hardy building material, and as siding, it will serve homeowners well for a very long time. The composite material might not sound like much, yet fiber cement has a list of benefits that all householders should properly consider before dismissing the option of using it as siding. Those interested in installing fiber cement siding in Columbus, Ohio will need the expertise of contractors like Ohio Exteriors to achieve a superior fit.

Its extreme toughness and ease of maintenance aside, fiber cement siding has other advantages that homeowners should seriously look into. It’s usually more affordable than wood siding, and can be the perfect alternative since fiber cement can be fashioned to look like wood. Fiber cement is also resistant to the effects of varying temperatures, and will not warp or crack through hot and cold weather. The material is also resistant to termite attacks. Unlike other siding materials such as vinyl, fiber cement can be painted over, giving homeowners the freedom to personalize their cladding any way they wish. Additionally, while partially made from wood, fiber cement is highly resistant to fire.

While fiber cement is a superior siding choice, it’s very difficult to install due to its heavy weight. Homeowners will need the services of capable siding contractors in Columbus, Ohio, such as Ohio Exteriors, for an accurate installation. A proper fit will ensure that the siding completely protects the exterior of the home while minimizing installation flaws that can later develop into damages.

(Article Information and Image from The Ease in Cleaning Fiber Cement Siding,

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