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An article on the website dated January 6, 2014 explains why homeowners can sometimes hear popping and creaking within their residences during winter. Apparently, the low temperatures of the season are causing parts of the house to warp and crack, and it can reach a point wherein homeowners can actually hear their homes react to the cold.

“For this, you can blame the cold weather. Its a basic law of physics — warm things expand, colder things contract.

The extreme and rapid drop from unseasonably warm temperatures (near 40° F on Sunday) to record setting low temperatures the next day (-15° F), causes a rapid shrinking in all building materials exposed to the cold.

While the house stays warm on the inside, the siding and exterior boards are reacting to the extreme cold temperatures on the outside. The cold causes the outside of your home to quickly shrink. This puts stress on joints, nails and bolts. When the pressure is released quickly, the result is a loud popping noise or “bang.”

Some folks may find new cracks in drywall or around windows and doors as adjoining boards and pieces of siding move away from each other.”

Winter can be especially harsh on siding, causing the fixture to warp and even crack. Homeowners should be wary of the state of their siding and should have them immediately repaired if any part of the cladding begins to show serious signs of wear and tear. Fortunately, there are contractors, such as the contractors at Ohio Exteriors, who can be called on to replace house siding in Columbus, Ohio even during winter.

Each siding material behaves differently when subjected to cold weather; homeowners should keep this in mind when selecting a siding that’s suitable for their homes. Some materials can be especially delicate when exposed to the cold, and could start warping or cracking. Others, such as fiber cement, are a lot more resistant to freezing and warping, and can even improve the insulation of a home against the cold. Cedar siding is also a good option, as it has natural chemicals that make it moisture resistant and a good insulator.

Those planning to have their siding repaired or replaced during winter will be glad to know that there are benefits in doing so. Contractors often charge lower rates during winter, since the period is considered an off-season. Some professionals also find it much easier to install cladding during winter, as workers need not toil away underneath a sweltering sun. Homeowners should take advantage of such opportunities and have fiber cement, vinyl, or cedar siding in Columbus, Ohio fitted by expert contractors such as Ohio Exteriors.

(Article Information and Image from Those pops and creeks in your house: Blame the cold weather,, January 6, 2014)

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